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Shareware versions:

Program MFreader Download
Program docházka (pro jednotky BF) Download
BFsystem software (for BF units) Download
SOMAC software (for SEMAC) Download
Private Disk Download
Private Disk Multifactor                           Download
Secrets keeper Download
Smart card Logon Download
Key Manager Download
Key formatting utillity Download
Sim Manager Download


ACR38x-USB Download
ACR38U-CCID Download
CrytoMate Download
ACR92 PCMCIA Download
ACR38x - Linux Download
ACR38x - Linux (Fedora 7) Download
ACR30S - Serial Download
ACR91-PCMCIA Download
ACR120U Download
AET60 Download
ACR83U PinPad Download
ACOS5 PKI/CSP middleware (old version - new only in ACOS5 SDK) Download



Complet catalog ACS (PDF) Download
Acces control systems (PDF) Download
Locks and buttons (PDF) Download

Drivers - if not stated other, are intended for OS MS Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. For another OS or drivers visit please manufacturer site :


Test smart card readers (IT security 05) Download