ACR1283L Standalone Contactless Reader with LCD

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The ACR1283L is a cost-effective and powerful contactless smart card reader designed to operate in standalone mode to cater to a wide range of contactless card applications. It comes with four built-in SAM slots, making it suitable for applications that have multiple card issues or different security requirements. ACR1283L enriches user interaction with its two-line graphic LCD, four LEDs, buzzer to clearly display application and card operation status, and a twelve-key capacitive touch keypad for user input. In addition to its standalone operation, The ACR1283L also supports PC-linked operation for typical contactless PC/SC host applications.

With its high speed 32-bit MCU and strong antenna performance, ACR1283L is ready for highly secure and highly demanding applications where speed and security are essential, such as payment and government applications. An all-in-one, cost-effective and powerful terminal designed to provide greater flexibility and convenience, ACR1283L is the smart choice for your smart card applications!

  • ARM 32-bit CortexTM-M3 Processor
  • Dual Operation Modes:
    • PC-linked
    • Standalone
  • PC-linked Operation:
    • USB 2.0 Full Speed Interface
    • CCID Compliance
    • Supports PC/SC
    • Supports CT-API (through wrapper on top of PC/SC)
  • Standalone Operation:
    • Support for third-party application programming
    • Over 400 KB memory space for third-party application
    • Over 500 KB memory space for data storage
    • Supported development platforn:
      • IAR Embedded Workbench, Version 5.50 or above
      • CoIDE(GCC), Version 1.3.0 or above
  • Smart Card Reader:
    • Read/Write speed of up to 848 kbps
    • Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with card reading distance of up to 50 mm (depending on tag type)
    • Support for ISO 14443 Part 4 Type A and B and Mifare series
    • Built-in anti-collision feature (only one tag is accessed at any time)
    • Four ISO 7816 compliant SAM slots
  • Built-in Peripherals:
    • Two-line graphic LCD
    • Four user-controllable LEDs
    • User-controllable buzzer
    • Twelve-key capacitive touch keypad
  • Real-time clock (RTC) with independent back up battery
  • In-device AES (128 and 256), DES and 3DES encryption
  • USB Firmware Upgradability



Mini USB:
RS-232 / PS2:
HTTP server:
13.56 MHz:
125 kHz:

Product Presentation (PPE_ACR1283L_1.00.pdf, 1,021 Kb) [Download]

Technical Specification (TSP_ACR1283L_1.01.pdf, 394 Kb) [Download]

Reference Manual (REF_ACR1283L_1.00.pdf, 770 Kb) [Download]

Application Programming Interface (API_ACR1283L_1.00.pdf, 1,050 Kb) [Download]