APG8202 _small

APG8202 PINhandy 2 off-line generátor jednorázových hesel (OTP)

(844,58  vč. DPH)

APG8202 PINhandy 2 je přenosný generátor jednorázových hesel (One-Time Password). Umožňuje pracovat off-line. APG8202 umí vygenerovat jednorázové heslo pro každou transakci.


  • Supports OTP (One Time Password), Challenge-response and Transaction Data Signing Modes
  • Operates in Standalone Mode (Powered by 2 CR2032 batteries)
    • Intelligent Battery Management for a Life Expectancy of 5 Years (depending on usage)
  • Supports Full-sized Microprocessor Cards
  • Value-Added Calculator and ePurse Function
  • Key Symbol on LCD to Recognize SPE Mode
  • Durable Tactile Keypad with 20 Silicon Rubber Keys
  • Graphical LCD with Alpha-numeric and Multiple-language Support
  • Monotone Buzzer
  • Value-Added Calculator and ePurse Function
  • Short Circuit Protection

Technical Specification (TSP_APG8202_v1.91.pdf, 550 Kb) [Stáhnout]

Product Presentation (PPE_APG8202_v1.30.pdf, 1,631 Kb) [Stáhnout]

User manual (USR_APG8202_V2.01.pdf, 219 Kb) [Stáhnout]