PTR89 portable handheld thermal printer (for ACR89)

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PTR89 is a portable handheld thermal printer intended for use with the ACR89 (ACR89U-A1 and ACR89U-A2). It communicates with the ACR89 to print out receipts. The PTR89 is an example of a thermal printer, which is currently in demand for different types of applications. PTR89 peripherals include an external power adapter, a lithium-ion battery and one thermal paper roll.

To produce receipts, a roll of thermal paper is inserted into the slot between the thermal head and rubber roll. The printer sends an electric current to the heating elements of the thermal head that generates the heat. When heat is applied to the paper, the printer generates different colors for printing out text, symbols or pictures. No ink is necessary. The printer is durable, makes less noise and is easy to use. The PTR89's high-speed printing enables quick and convenient transactions. With special features and advanced performance in one package, it is ideal for on-the go and retail applications that provide receipts for customer reference.

  • User Programmable by C language through ACR89
  • Communication with ACR89
    • 6-pins serial port to communicate with the ACR89
    • Input Buffer Size : 512 bytes
  • Operations Modes
    • Portable Mode: Powered by rechargeable 7.4V Li-ion battery (Long Battery Life for All Day Use)
    • Desktop Mode: DC connector @ 9Vdc and recharges the ACR89 at the same time (if the ACR89 is attached on the printer)
  • Thermal Heat Printing
    • Noumber of Dot/Line: 384
    • Resolution: 203 DPI
    • Maximum Speed: 50mm/sec
  • Built-in Interface
    • Red and Green LEDs indicates battery status
    • Blue LED indicates printer status
  • Paper Roll
    • Type of paper : thermal roll paper
    • Paper Width : 58mm
    • Maximum outside diameter : 38mm


Mini USB:
RS-232 / PS2:
HTTP server:
13.56 MHz:
125 kHz:

Technical Specification (TSP_PTR89_1.pdf, 183 Kb) [Download]

Application Programming Interface (API_PTR89_1.pdf, 333 Kb) [Download]