NFC thermometer

Smart Body NFC Temperature Tag

Succesfuly used in mobile hospitals in China during COVID-19 outbreak.
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This 13,5 MHz thermometer patch smart NFC tag continuously measure temperature and wirelessly sending temperature readings to a smartphone. Unlike traditional method it is tiny, flexible, safety, comfortably and eco-friendly.

Features of NFC Thermometer Patch Tag

  • Automatic body temperature tracking by contactless data collection by accuracy ±3 Celsius degree
  • Slim, light, flexible NFC integrationsticker directly on arm or armpit.
  • Automatic active on NFC Mobile device by Android or iOs system,
  • Disposableand Eco-Friendly, DGM certificate
  • Ideal device for remote Suspected infector’s body temperature tracing and supervisor,
  • As a trigger conducting to medical service platform
  • Real-time, seamless temperature recorder chart enable with 20,000 recorders storage
  • Extensions Apps can easy to realized patient PGS tracking, Dynamic electronic Patient Record etc.

Structure of Tracks Fever NFC Smart Tag Thermometer Patch

1, Thin and invisible Senor inside the tag or wristband attached directly on body

2, Active NFC micro-chip embedded compliance NFC standard

3, Programmable controller of tracing by customized configuration

4, Thin paper battery for active tracking

5, Tamper proof disposable design

Applications of NFC Fever Tracker

1, Suspected flu or Covid-19 infector or patient temperature logger

2, Home stay patient remote body temperature collection

3, Flexible and multiple purpose patient management system through mobile APP,

4, Any body temperature recording purpose remote or centralized management


Technical Physical specifications of Thermometer Patch:

Dimension: 45x50x1mm,

Material: PET / Aluminum / non-woven fabrics

Battery: Thin Flexible Paper Zinc-manganese battery,

Operation temp.: -35 to-50℃

Storage temp.:  -40℃ to 60℃

Operation frequency: 13.56MHz

Optional dual frequency: 13.56MHz, 850-960MHz

Protocol: ISO 14443A, optional

Optional dual-frequency: ISO 18000-6C, EPC C1 G2

optional working frequency: UHF: 840-925MHz

Accuracy  of temperature: ±0.3℃

Operating device: Any NFC supported mobile device

(with Android or iOs system)

Read range: 3-5 cm

Data retention: > 10 year

Working life: >1-3 month

Interval of data collection: 1-65535 second

Data recording: 4864/19456 record

Data storage type: EEPROM

Start up mold: Immediate/ timming recording,

Data stroage mold: Normal /compression

Working modle: Passive/ BAP


Mini USB:
RS-232 / PS2:
HTTP server:
13.56 MHz:
125 kHz: