Voting keypads E11 - Electronic Voting Solution for City councils

Voting keypads E11 - Electronic Voting Solution for City councils
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Voting keypads E11 - Electronic Voting Solution for City councils

Technical parameters:

 Dimensions: 110 × 58 × 16mm (L×W×H)
 Weight: 81g (with battery installed)
 Color & Material: Black, ABS plastics.
 Display Specification: 160*96 matrix LCD.
 Apparent Area: 38.38 x 24.94mm.
 LCD shows channel number, keypad ID, electricity intensity,
charging status, signal strength, present status and online tips, etc.
 Display Content: English, Polish, Numbers &Icons.
 Indication information: the RGB LED light represents the status
of keypad, buttons and data receiving.
 User Input: 6 elastomeric buttons with backlight for entering
vote responses. Backlight will be light up when the function is open, details as below:
1 key [ ] for sign in, also for submitting and power off, backlight will be green.
3 keys [√/×/?] for Yes, No and Abstain, backlight will be green, red and white.
2 keys [▲/▼] for Up and Down, backlight will be white;
 Battery: One piece of rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (1100mAh).
 Battery Life: Working voltage 3.2 V-4.2 V, low power voltage 3.6V,
full of needs about 3 hours at a time, full of sustainable work between 70 and 16 hours (buttons backlight all open), 72 hours standby (theoretical), 3 months when shutdown.
 RF Technology: Communication band 2.4GHz, patented and
proprietary ARS communication protocol, bidirectional data validation and automatic frequency tracking.
 Channel Number between 1 to 32.
 RF Power: < 200mW (<+23 dBm).
 Operation Distance: Within 100 meters.
 Speed: 200 pcs voting keypads will be collected within 3-5
seconds. 400 pcs keypads will be collected within 5-10 seconds.

Technical specification (E11-2.4G-Technical_Specifications-V0.1.0.pdf, 773 Kb) [Download]

Product presentation (SunVote_Electronic_Voting_Solution_for_City_councils-E11Plus.pdf, 3,270 Kb) [Download]